Informational Videos

Curious about launching VRtality at your library?

Unsure of where to begin or feeling unclear about the details?

The collection of videos below walks through several different aspects of VRtality and includes some great first-hand accounts. These videos show VRtality from a high level and are helpful to watch before digging into the rest that the website has to offer.

VIDEO 1: VRtality at a Glance
VRtality explained and what is needed to get started. (4 mins)
VIDEO 2: Teen Well Being
Learn about the spectrum of mental health and how it applies to teens. (7 mins)
VIDEO 3: Co-designing VR with Teens
Learn about Co-Design and how to use it to empower teens and strengthen relationships. (28 mins)
VIDEO 4: Adapt the Adventure – VRtality Success Strategies
Adapt the adventure to work for you and your community! (2 min)
VIDEO 5: Getting Started with VR
Learn how to set it up, what apps to use, and why it works to connect with teens. (14 mins)
VIDEO 6: VRtality Walkthrough
Learn how to use the Roadmap Builder to plan your VRtality program. (5 mins)
VIDEO 7: A Conversation about VR (Virtual Reality)
Learn from librarians as they reflect on the VRtality program and share strategies. (10 mins)