Selecting the


The technology used for these initiatives is carefully determined based on goals and the needs and interests of the teen co-designers. 

VR enables learning and exploring together. It is a creative and novel space for codesign.  Along with VR headsets, the following technologies may be used as a part of the co-design and VR development work:

Beat Saber

Beat Saber will remind teens of the fun that’s possible and also help them to think more broadly about what’s achievable in a VR experience.

Co-Spaces Edu

With CoSpaces Edu, teens are able to build, code, and explore their own creations in VR while learning key digital skills.


Discord is an excellent tool to use for building relationships with teens and posting information they need to stay up to date on the project. 

Gravity Sketch

Using GravitySketch gives teens the chance to learn more about what is possible in VR.  As they use GravitySketch they can think about what the mechanics of the app are and what they like and don’t like about how it works. 


Miro is an open-ended collaborative tool that encourages non-linear creativity.

Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs helps teen and adult co-designers to gain confidence and competence when creating in 3D spaces.

When facilitating co-design sessions, remember to include a demo of the tech tool that will be used. The demo should be concise and provide key elements regarding interface, interactivity, and how to use the platform effectively so everyone is able to contribute without too many technology-related barriers.

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