Sample Design Sprint


The processes to plan a co-design session or a design sprint are collaborative. However, as design sprints are longer than co-design sessions, and there are specific short activities recommended for inclusion in a design sprint, the planning and facilitation of these sprints takes a slightly different thought process. The design sprint is set up as a series of small activities with short time allotments. The activities build on each other through idea generation, voting, and sketching to ultimately arrive at a series of storyboards for potential experiences. 

Refer to the “Sample Design Sprint” Miro board below to get started learning about the flow and activities in a design sprint.

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Learning anything more about mental health is great, and how to translate that to working with youth. Like talking about what do you do when you are having a bad day. Could use that in the future with teen programming, getting to know people, in creating cohesiveness and feelings of a team.

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