We show libraries how to launch VRtality, a program that supports positive teen mental health through co-designing a virtual reality experience.

Juan Rubio

Project Director

Seattle Public Library

Testimonial Juan Rubio
There is a joy and wonder and affordances of VR that make it especially suited to mental-health work. VR enables learning and exploring together. It is a creative and novel space for co-design."

Juan Rubio

Project Director

Seattle Public Library

Why Launch

a VRtality program?

Why Launch VR

Harness the

Power of

Virtual Reality (VR)

to Engage Teens

Why Launch Relationship

Build Real




Why Launch Support

Support and


Teen Mental Health

before a crisis

Why Launch Community

Enrich Your

Library's Value

to the


Your library can create a continuum of conversation, healing, and value within your community.

The TEEN Experience

Darin S.

Teen Collaborator

Seattle Public Library

Testimonial Darin S
At the end many of them [teen co-designers] signed off with messages thanking us for having the program. It was really great to hear them be so positive about the experience."

Name: Field Notes

Library: Seattle Public Library

Teens explore how to create VR environments. Yes, the tech learnings are significant, but the *journey* of collaboration, introspection, bonding and the felt sense of achievement are the real outcomes of this program.

Testimonial Juan Rubio Here's an example of a VR environment co-designed by teens in the VRtality teen mental health program at Seattle Public Library.